Are Perfect Push Ups A Good Chest Exercise?

Perfect Push up

After purchasing The Perfect Push up chest exercise, I was actually surprised at my findings. One, how out of shape I was. Two, the exercise by itself didn't make much of a visual difference in my body. And three, how much stronger I became and how fast!

This is definitely an inexpensive piece of equipment that should be used in your regular work-out regimen. As you can see from the pictures, there wasn't much of a difference after completing the 21 day workout. The workout consists of three different types of push ups every other day. So in total you actually get in 11 workouts.

Perfect Push Up Before


Perfect Push Up After

          Before                                                  After

A couple of years ago when I exercised regularly. I could do 65 push ups in 1 minute. That came from about 3 - 4 months of training. Well, after these 11 work outs I could match that! Not only could I match it, I didn't feel tired nor did I struggle to do it. Quite impressive for this type of chest exercise.

In all, this is a strength exercise. They say that perfect push ups are a military workout. I am a believer of that now. You won't gain any real visible change, but your strength will dramatically increase which will allow you to do more bench pressing exercises which do add to your physical appearance as well as strength. So the two together make a powerful, simple, chest exercising regimen.

Here are some before and after photos of a work-out regimen I developed and follow. These results are after 2 months. The exercises are simple and won't take a long time to do.

Perfect Push Up Before                            Perfect Push Up After           Before                                                  After

You can now buy Perfect Pushup Version2. It has a better design and costs the same.

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