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When it comes to cable there are many providers to choose from. You have Comcast, Verizon, AT&T U-Verse, and Charter. Each has similar channel line-ups, with similar features such as HD service/DVR's and OnDemand. The biggest differences between them is, pricing and availability.

When shopping for TV, internet and phone services you'll always get the best deal online. The internet offers better deals than contacting the company directly. This is due to the companies not having to pay commissions or hire employees to key in the sale. But if you wish to speak with a rep you can call 1(800)929-9576 to get help with ordering your services.

Each plan you'll see below is based on about 170 – 220 channels with 1 HD/DVR box at each company's initial promo rate. Prices listed below may NOT be current and are subject to change. This is for illustration purposes only.

Best Cable Companies in Order Verizon FIOS For 225 channels and 1 HD/DVR ($19.99 per box each month!) with the ability to watch recorded shows on any TV, and over 17,000 programs on OnDemand, you're looking at around $85; but prices change often. Verizon does have great customer service and are reliable. Verizon's best deals come through their bundle packages, because prices change all the time, check Special Offers for an updated price. They're the cheapest around and typically the cost of a bundle will be around the regular price of just cable!

ATT Uverse is almost tying with Verizon. The only reason I put them 2 is because of the buzz Verizon gets in areas where it's available. U-Verse isn't available in Verzion FiOS areas that I've found so that makes shopping for cable easy! For 200 channels and 1 HD/DVR (DVR free! $10 per month for HD!) You're looking at $77 per month. Less than Verizon but also a few less channels. If you get their U-Verse triple play bundle. you're looking at $89 per month. So you're better off with a bundle from them. AT&T also gives the ability to watch DVR recordings on more than one TV.


has about 170 channels in their line-up. For this with an HD/DVR ($15 per month for HD/DR) you're looking at $55 per month. Their DVR does offer the ability to watch recorded shows on other TV's. As a whole, Comcast does offer great deals without any specialty boxes, but AT&T U-Verse offers the same prices with a lot more channels. You can get a Comcast bundle for $99/mo for 12 months, with no contract.

Charter Communications

Charter offers about 180 channels as well. They are closely identical to Comcast, except in pricing. Digital TV with an HD/DVR with Charter will cost about $55. Some differences are their packages. You can get a A Charter triple play bundle for as low as $69 An amazing deal. It's basic cable but that's still really cheap. They also have 6,000 programs on OnDemand, that's 1,000 more than Comcast.

Satellite Providers:

The only real competitors in the satellite dish arena is DIRECTV and Dish Network. So again, here is the same break down used previously. DirecTV is the TV giant. Many of the popular companies get their programming from DIRECTV satellites. They offer more regular and hd channels than anyone else, and have NFL Sunday ticket. DIRECTV is currently offering FREE HD FOR LIFE! For over 210 channels, an HD/DVR ($7 flat fee per home per month), you're looking at $42.99. DIRECTV's DVR also gives you the capability to watch recorded shows on any TV. DIRECTV has also been #1 in customer satisfaction for the past 8 years. Order DIRECTV online for the best deals.

Dish Network is great for international programming. I don't think any company tops them there. They have also rolled out FREE HD for life where HD programming doesn't cost anything extra per month. For 200 channels an HD/DVR ($6 flat fee per month), you're looking at $43.99 Dish Network's DVR does not give you the ability to watch recorded shows on other TV's, but you can program your DVR from your cell phone! You can order Dish Network online to get the best promotions with free installation and free HD.

Bottom Line

Choosing a cable provider first depends on what's available to you, and your budget. Don't be afraid to try them out and remember each company offers a 15-30 day money back guarantee. So if you aren't fully satisfied with your service you can cancel. Also, many don't have contracts anyway so go for it!

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