Dial Antibacterial Soap Is The Best Treatment For Acne

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Dial Soap

Dial antibacterial soap is known for being one of the few soaps with antibacterial qualities. Because of this, many people use it as a home acne treatment. Although Dial soap cleans extremely well, the problem is the soap film that it leaves behind and the dryness.

Over time, the use of chemicals from soap on your face will break down the skin's elasticity. Once that happens it will become more prone to sun damage as well as wrinkles and other blemishes. While these may be reasons for turning you off to this treatment for acne, don't be. It's still a really inexpensive cleanser. The key is to have a good moisturizer.

While there are many moisturizers on the market I strive to always go for the most natural and organic product I can find. Remember, over time chemicals damage the skin. Natural, organic products will always be the best for the body. But the moisturizer I use and recommend is simply pure castor oil.

Most people are familiar with castor oil acting as a laxative, but in fact it has a lengthy list of benefits. Some include hair growth, thickness, and shine, lengthens eye lashes, and helps with arthritis to name a few. It also has antibacterial qualities and also works as an effective anti-inflammatory.

You can purchase a big 32oz bottle of pure castor oil for just around $9 online from Amazon. The Dial soap can be found at Wal-Mart. Once you've washed your face with the dial antibacterial soap, simply put a dab in the palm of your hand, rub together and rub all over your face. Don't worry about the immediate shine. Castor oil does an excellent job of seeping through pores to the deep, lower level of your skin. Your skin should be back to normal with a healthy glow after an hour or so.

With this acne home remedy treatment you definitely will not be disappointed. Keep in mind that everyone's body and skin is different. If your skin is sensitive like mine, you may encounter a few pimples in the beginning as the castor oil pulls dirt and bacteria out of your pores. Keep at it for at least 3-4 weeks and you should see a huge improvement.

These two together definitely make up the best treatment for acne.

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